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Finnish m/27 Infantry Rifle

This is a fairly uncommon m/27 rifle with some rather unique and rare features.

My m/27 is a 1932 Tikka Produced rifle that has the modified 91/30 type stock and is set up as a Ski/Bicycle Troop Rifle with the side swivel.  Additionally, the right side of the stock shows old battle damage that was not deemed serious enough to replace the rifle stock.  The sharp edges have been worn down with age and likely some initial field repairs. 

It is chambered in 7.62x54R and has the modified chamber to handle all versions of this round as indicated my the D stamped barrel.  Bore is fair, dark with some pitting present from corrosive ammunition or poor field maintenance, but it remains serviceable and is a nice shooting rifle with Light Ball Ammo.

The m/27 is a rifle that was made in limited numbers and was used hard during the Winter War against Russia.  This one is a survivor of that era and shows signs of combat use and would be a centerpiece in any advanced Mosin-Nagant or Finnish Rifle collection.

REF 03-281

Vic Thomas wrote an excellent article on the m/27 rifle which I've linked here: