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Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) M1 Carbine.

This is a late WWII Production Inland M1 Carbine that ended up in Israel where it served with the IDF.  The M1 Carbine was extremely popular in IDF service due to its light weight and high reliability and firepower.  It likely was issued in support battalions and then in the reserves until replaced in service by the M16/M4 series of 5.56x45mm rifles and carbines.  Shown here with the IDF Heavy Weapon sling that makes it super light to carry for extended periods.

It is a "Mix-Master" having been rebuilt numerous times and has a light import mark on the underside of the barrel. 

These IDF Carbines were once plentiful on the US Surplus market, but many were snapped up by the individuals that swap parts around to create a collectible "Correct" carbine that they unscrupulously sell for huge money.  Unfortunately, this process destroyed a distinct variant that is collectible in its own right and has made these IDF Carbines highly sought after today. 

Cal .30 Carbine with VG+ Bore