Collectible Military Arms & Accessories
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These are all items that I have in my collection  If there is a price noted, its one that I am in the process of moving out of my collection by sale or trade.  If there is no price, its not on "the block", but feel free to make an offer if your interested it it.  You never know when I may be on the hunt for something special.

Unless noted, these are all used firearms in serviceable condition that I have personally fired and properly cleaned and maintained.  I am ex-US Army so I am familiar with proper weapons maintenance, especially when it comes to using corrosively primed military surplus ammunition.

I will require a MN ID and Permit to Carry or Permit to Purchase handguns on ALL Face To Face sales or trades and will expect a Bill of Sale to be signed. No exceptions. 

I can ship through my local FFL for $45.00 additional to cover the shipping costs and transfer fees should someone want to arrange a purchase needing shipping.

Naturally Cash +/- depending on the deal in the case of trades.