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Huldra 5.45x39mm 16" Upper

Selling a Huldra Arms 5.45x39mm 16" Upper. Includes extra power hammer spring and one 30-rd ASC 5.45x39mm Magazine. Upgraded with the Magpul MOE Handguard, MSA Sling Point of left side and Rail section on right side. Like new condition with maybe 200 rds fired and properly maintained. I traded into another one and just do not need two of them.

These are designed to run reliably with any of the Surplus rounds commonly encountered and the Adams Arms piston system runs very clean and smooth.

Pin this onto any standard AR-15 Lower (with the extra power spring installed) and use either ASC 5.45 or Magpul PMags and your good to go. I prefer the PMags loaded with 22 rounds when I go to the range.

$550.00 plus shipping