Collectible Military Arms & Accessories

25 Years of Collecting, Hunting, and Shooting has left me with a considerable quantity of spare parts that I am starting to clear out for sale.  This page is where I host bulk photos of these items that I use for forum sales. 

It is my desire to sell directly whenever possible than use auction sites like eBay and Gunbroker.  

If there is anything on this page that you are interested in, please shoot me an email at


P1029  Magpul MOE Carbine Handguard.  New in box $25.00

P1041  SOLD

P1044  SOLD

P1045  A2 Pistol Grip, Take off  $2.00

P1047  SOLD

P1048  Manticore Arms POST charging handle, Sig 556, Used.   $45.00


P1050: Trijicon RX01 Reflex Sight assy (includes RX01 sight, RX10 Mount, RX20 Polarizing filter, RX21 cover and the Detachable Carry Handle assy. Nice rig with very little usage. This is an older Reflex sight that has the Bible verse behind the model number. 6.5MOA dot reticule. $670.00

P1051: RM223 magazine pouch, From RailMag industries. New in package. This was my back up to the one I used for match shooting. Never needed to replace it, very rugged and well thought out item. $49.00

P1052: S&W 6906 Stainless 12-rd Magazine, New in package. $44.00 ea

P1053: S&W 6906 Stainless 12-rd Magazine, used $39.00 ea

P1054: CETME sling stud plate, original.  $9.00

P1055: Magpul MSA sling point, like new, no package. $17.00 ea

P1056: Tapco SKS Front Sight Tool, New in package. $3.00


P1057: No name Mini-14 30-rd polymer magazine. $9.00
P1058: SOLD
P1059: Wrench for BM-59 Gas Cylinder Lock. $9.00
P1060: 9 pcs of .300 BLK brass. Got mixed in with my 5.56 brass at the range. $1.00
P1061:  SOLD
P1062:  SOLD
P1063:  SOLD
P1064:  SOLD


P1065: USGI M1903 Front Sight Cover, rusty (surface rust somewhere on part) $6.95 ea
P1066: USGI M1903 Front Sight Cover, Nickel Plated $8.00 ea
P1067: SOLD
P1068: USGI M1903 Firing Pin Rod, Chromed $4.00 ea
P1069: USGI M1903 Bolt Sleeve, Chromed $9.00 ea
P1070: USGI M1903 Front Sight Cover, Broken Tab. $4.00 ea


P1071: USGI M1 Garand Trigger Group (D28290-5-SA, -3 Hammer, -1 Trigger guard, -6 Safety). $189.00
P1072: USGI M1 Garand Trigger Group (D 28290 small hole, -2 Hammer, Unmarked trigger guard, unmarked safety ) $205.00
P1073: ***SOLD***
P1074: USGI M1 Garand Front Handguard w/metal, $50.00
P1075: USGI M1 Garand Gas Cylinder (D 35449-SA on barrel ring, Strait saw cut base. 9 stamped on tab. $129.00
P1076:  USGI Front Handguard Ferrule  $9.00 ea
P1077: USGI M1 Garand Gas Cylinder Lock $19.00 ea
P1078: USGI M1 Garand Gas Cylinder Plug.
P-O: $25.00
P-Pentagon: $25.00
P-4: $28.00
NHC: $32.00
HRA: $35.00
Single Slot Repro: $25.00
P1079: ***SOLD***
P1080: USGI M1 Garand Follower arm $14.00
P1081: USGI M1 Garand Rear Sling Swivel $14.00 ea
P1082-A: USGI M1 Garand Buttplate screw, long $5.00
P1082-B: USGI M1 Garand Buttplate screw, short $3.50
P1083: ***SOLD***
P1084-A: USGI M1 Garand Lower Band Pin, solid $3.50 ea
KP1084-B: USGI M1 Garand Lower Band Pin, roll Type $1.50 ea

P1071: D28290-5SA Pad Detail

P1072:  Early SA D28290 Housing Pad Detail


P1085: Bianchi double mag pouch, 1911 type mags, new in package. $44.00
P1086: Police issued double mag pouch, basket weave, black. 9mm staggered. $9.00
P1087: SOLD
P1088: Mossberg Shotgun lock, new in package. $1.00
P1089: stabilizing vane assy, USGI, BLU-3B bomblet, Vietnam era. $1.00
P1090: Tri-Rail for AK Rifles, clearanced for cleaning rod. Used take off. Complete. $2.00


P1091: USGI M16A1 Buttstock. $25.00 ***PENDING***
P1092: Knight Armament FPG $20.00
P1093: AR15 Followers x 2 $2.00
P1094: Magpul MBUS set, Black, NIB. $75.00
P1095: Ruger Mini-30 Flash Hider, Factory, Take off. $18.00
P1096: SOLD
P1097: Troy Industries M1913 Rail Sling Point, Like new, Take off. $15.00 ea
P1098: FAB defense Israeli M16 Magazine Carrier, New $15.00


P1099: SOLD
P1100: SOLD
P1101: SOLD
P1102: Tapco AK-47 Upper Handguard with rail, used. Foliage color $5.00
P1103: Two First Generation Lasers with mounts. One with pigtail and one in the accy rail type mount. Batteries dead. $20.00
P1104: Israeli M16 Magazine Cover, Black, New. Ever grab an aluminum M16 Mag after laying in the sun in the desert? Then you know why this is a popular item. $8.00
P1105: IDF M16 Delta Ring Sling Point, new $13.00


P1106: 4 x Bandoleer Cardboads  $1.50
P1107:  M1 Garand Sight Protector Set, New  $15.00
P1108: USGI M1903 Pull Through  $4.00
P1109:  SOLD
P1110:  Swedish Mauser Sling Buckle  $4.00
P1111:  SOLD
P1112:  British Bayonet Frog, Exc cond.  $10.00
P1113:  Military pull through rope, British?  $3.00


Sig Sauer Factory P238 Magazine, 6-rd

Sig Sauer Factory P238 Magazine with extension, 7-rd